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Enhance Your Floors with True Coat Painting

Revolutionizing Nevada's Homes for over 30 Years

At True Coat Painting, we are committed to elevating your floors with our premium epoxy coatings, applied with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Custom Epoxy Coating Solutions

Our epoxy floor coating is industrial strength, withstanding even hot car tires, and adds $20-$22 per square foot to the R.O.I. value of your home.

Our Process

  1. Preparation: After meticulous masking and covering, we begin the preparatory phase by fixing any imperfections in the concrete, such as cracks, holes, or gaps, using flexible concrete filler. Grinding of all concrete surfaces is essential to achieve the proper profile for a full chemical and mechanical bond. Our industrial stand-up grinder and hand grinder ensure precision grinding, even along edges with diamond bits.
  2. Cleaning: The area to be epoxied is thoroughly vacuumed to remove concrete dust, with special attention to expansion joints. Subsequently, it is blown out multiple times to ensure the removal of dirt, rocks, and debris that could compromise adhesion and aesthetics.
  3. Coating Application: The first coat of epoxy is applied, diluted with xylene to allow penetration into the concrete surface. The second coat is applied undiluted. Decorative chips are cast to the homeowner's choice of coverage by professionals. After curing, excess chips are scraped off, and thorough inspection and cohesion testing ensure a strong mechanical bond.
  4. Clear Coat Application: The final step involves the application of a clear coat, providing industrial strength seal and protection to your floor. We utilize a marine-grade epoxy system known for unmatched durability. Importantly, no harsh acids are used in our process.

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